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First record of Deilephila elpenor L. moth from Chakwal Punjab Pakistan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:Hanif, H, Khan, SA, Khan, MI, Raza, MM
Journal:International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies
Start Page:10

"Deilephila elpenor Linnaeus is a species of hawk moths belonging to family Sphingidae of order Lepidoptera. These moths are also called as the Sphingid moths. A study was conducted during January 2013 to December 2103 in Chakwal Punjab Pakistan. The adult Hawk moths were collected during the year 2013 from 5 localities of the Chakwal district. The specimens were identified with the help of specific literature and identification key. This paper presents one specie Deilephila elpenor L. these Hawk moths species have been recorded for the first time in Chakwal, Pakistan. Another moth species Deilephila rivularis is very similar to Deilephila elpenor is well distributed in Chakwal so description characters are also given for the identification of both species."

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