Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory

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AuthorsYearsort descendingTitle
F. Moore1866On the lepidopterous insects of Bengal
F. Moore1866In: Wallace, A.R. & Moore, F., List of lepidopterous insects collected at Takow, Formosa, by Mr. Robert Swinhoe
A. G. Butler1871Descriptions of some new species of exotic Lepidoptera
F. Moore1872Descriptions of new Indian Lepidoptera
A. G. Butler1875Descriptions of thirty-three new or little-known species of Sphingidae in the collection of the British Museum
A. G. Butler1875Descriptions of new species of Sphingidae
A. G. Butler1876Descriptions of several new species of Indian heterocerous Lepidoptera
A. G. Butler1876Descriptions of Lepidoptera from the collection of Lieut. Howland Roberts
A. G. Butler1876Descriptions of several new species of Sphingidae
A. G. Butler1877Descriptions of new species of heterocerous Lepidoptera in the collection of the British Museum
A. G. Butler1877On a collection of Lepidoptera from Cape York and the south-east coast of New Guinea
F. Moore1877The lepidopterous fauna of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
A. G. Butler1878On a small collection of Lepidoptera from Jamaica
F. Moore1879Descriptions of new genera and species of Asiatic Lepidoptera Heterocera
A. G. Butler1880On a collection of Lepidoptera from Candahar
A. G. Butler1881On a second collection of Lepidoptera made in Formosa by H.E. Hobson, Esq
H. Druce1883Descriptions of a new genus and some new species of Heterocera
A. G. Butler1884On a collection of Lepidoptera made by Major J.W. Yerbury at or near Aden
W. F. Kirby1886Remarks on four rare species of moths of the family Sphingidae
H. Druce1888List of the Lepidoptea Heterocera collected by Mr C.M. Woodford at Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, with the descriptions of some new species
J. H. Leech1888On the Lepidoptera of Japan and Corea. Part II. Heterocera. Sect. I
F. Moore1888Descriptions of new genera and species of Lepidoptera Heterocera collected by the Rev. J.H. Hocking, chiefly in the Kangra District, N.W. Himalaya
A. G. Butler1897On two collections of Lepidoptera made by Mr. R. Crawshay in Nyasa-land
J. M. Fawcett1902On the transformations of {IPapilio dardanus} Brown, and {IPhilampelus megaera}; and on two new species of S. African Heterocera
G. T. Bethune-Baker1905Notes on a small collection of Heterocera from the Fiji Islands, with descriptions of some new species
F. W. Jones1909The fauna of the Cocos-Keeling Atol, collected by F. Wood Jones
G. F. Hampson1910Zoological collections from Northern Rhodesia and adjacent territories: Lepidoptera Phalaenae
J. M. Fawcett1915Notes on a collection of Heterocera made by Mr. W. Feather in British East Africa, 1911-12
K. Jordan1916In: Poulton,E.B., On a collection of moths made in Somaliland by Mr. W. Feather
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