Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory

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AuthorsYearsort descendingTitle
J. P. Maassen1880Bemerkungen zu der von A.G. Butler vorgenommenen Revision der Sphingiden. (Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 1877.)
P. Mabille1880Recensement des Lépidoptères Hétérocères observés jusqu'à ce jour à Madagascar
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A. G. Butler1881On the first part of a memoir by Mons. Charles Oberthür on the Lepidoptera of the Isle of Askold
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A. G. Butler1881Descriptions of new genera and species of heterocerous Lepidoptera from Japan
A. G. Butler1881On a collection of nocturnal Lepidoptera from the Hawaiian Islands
A. G. Butler1881Notes on some North American Lepidoptera
A. G. Butler1881An account of the Sphinges and Bombyces collected by Lord Walsingham in North America during the years 1871-72
H. Edwards1881Descriptions of some new species of Heterocera
J. C. Gundlach1881Contribution á la entomologia cubana
D. S. Kellicott1881Smerinthus modesta
A. Koebele1881Description of and notes upon various larvae
G. D. Hulst1881Remarks on Smerinthus myops
H. S. Jewett1881Notes on Hemaris marginalis, Grote
B. Neumoegen1881A little beauty from northern Arizona
C. Oberthür1881Lépidoptères d'Algérie
O. Staudinger1881Beitrag zur Lepidopteren-Fauna Central-Asiens
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P. Fischer1882{IDarapsa versicolor}, Clem
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A. R. Grote1882New checklist of North American moths
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G. R. Pilate1882List of Lepidoptera taken in and around Dayton, O.
J. E. Sanders1882Larvae of Sphingidae
A. Rössler1882De Schuppenflügler (Lepidopteren) des Kgl. Regierungsbezirks Wiesbaden und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte
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F. Moore1882The Lepidoptera of Ceylon
H. Druce1882Descriptions of new species of Aegeriidae and Sphingidae
H. Edwards1882New species of Heterocera
A. G. Butler1882Descriptions of new species of Lepidoptera, chiefly from Duke-of-York Island and New Britain
H. Christ1882Die Tagfalter und Sphingiden Teneriffa's
P. O. C. Aurivillius1882Recensio critica Lepidopterorum Musei Ludoviciae Ulricae quae descripsit Carolus A Linné
A. G. Butler1882Descriptions of new species of Sphingidae, chiefly from Africa
S. N. Alphéraky1882Lépidoptères du district de Kouldjà et des montagnes environnantes. IIème partie. Heterocera
Anonymous1883Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of Ontario
H. Edwards, Elliot S. L.1883On the transformations of some species of Lepidoptera
P. Fischer1883Notes on the larvae on [sic] some Sphingidae
A. R. Grote1883Some notes and queries about moths. I
A. R. Grote1883Reply to Dr. Hagen
H. A. Hagen1883Necessary restitution of the names given by Th.W. Harris to two North American Sphingidae
W. F. Kirby1883Sphingidae
E. D. Jones1883Metamorphoses of Brazilian Lepidoptera from San Paulo, Brazil. Second series


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