Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory

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AuthorsYearsort descendingTitle
D. Drury1773Illustrations of natural history. Wherein are exhibited upwards of two hundred and forty figures of exotic insects,... to which is added a translation into French
P. Cramer1779Die uitlandsche kapellen voorkomende in de drie waereld-deelen Asia, Africa en America, by een verzameld en bescreeven
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T. Martyn1797Psyche. Figures of non descript lepidopterous insects, or rare moths and butterflies from different parts of the world. Figures des insectes lépidoptères des differentes parties du globe, dont il n'y a point encore eu de description
A. H. Haworth1803Lepidoptera Britannica; sistens digestionem novam insectorum lepidopterorum quae in Magna Britannia reperiuntur, larvarum pabulo, temoreque pascendi; expansione alaraum; mensibusque volandi; synonymis atque locis observationibusque variis
E. Donovan1810The natural history of British insects; explaining them in their several states, with the periods of their transformations, their food, oeconomy, &c. together with the history of such minute insects as require investigation by the microscope
J. Hübner1819Sammlung exotischer Schmetterlinge
T. W. Harris1839Descriptive catalogue of the North American insects belonging to the Linnaean genus Sphinx in the cabinet of Thaddeus William Harris, M.D., Librarian of Harvard University
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Villeneuve1859In: Anonymous, (Séance du 24 Août 1859)
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G. J. Bowles1871List of Lepidoptera taken at Quebec
J. A. Lintner1872Description of a new sphinx
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B. Neumoegen1881A little beauty from northern Arizona
H. Druce1882Descriptions of new species of Aegeriidae and Sphingidae
P. Fischer1883Notes on the larvae on [sic] some Sphingidae
C. H. Fernald1884Notes on Sphingidae captured at Orono, Maine and vicinity
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H. Druce1888Descriptions of new species of Lepidoptera, chiefly from Central America
H. G. Dyar1889Description of the larva of Sphinx luscitiosa, Clemens
G. W. Berry1891A sphinx larva feeding on mints
P. Dognin1891Diagnose d'un Lépidoptère nouveau
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W. Beutenmuller1895A variety of the larva of Sphinx plebeius
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L. W. Rothschild1896New Lepidoptera
W. H. Edwards1898Notes upon Sphinx catalpae at Coalburgh, W. Va
W. Beutenmuller1901The earlier stages of Sphinx gordius
H. Skinner1903A new variety of sphinx
A. Pagenstecher1903Wissenschaftliche Resultate der Reise des Freiherrn Carlo von Erlanger durch Süd-Choa, die Galia- und Somalialänder in 1900 und 1901. Sphingiden und Bombyciden
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A. Huwe1906Neue oder anscheinend noch unbeschriebene und wenig bekannte Sphingiden meiner Sammlung
L. W. Rothschild, Jordan K.1906New Sphingidae


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