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AuthorsYearsort descendingTitle
C. Linnaeus1758Systema naturae per regna tri naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differintiis, synonymis, locis
M. Harris1766The Aurelian; or, natural history of English insects; namely moths and butterflies
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A. H. Haworth1803Lepidoptera Britannica; sistens digestionem novam insectorum lepidopterorum quae in Magna Britannia reperiuntur, larvarum pabulo, temoreque pascendi; expansione alaraum; mensibusque volandi; synonymis atque locis observationibusque variis
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Anonymous1878February 6, 1878
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A. Huwe1895Verzeichniss der von Hans Fruhstorfer während seines Aufenthalts auf Java in den Jahren 1891 bis 1893 erbeuteten Sphingiden
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A. Closs1911Einige neue Aberrationen aus meiner Sphingidensammlung
A. Closs1911Zwei neue Sphingidenformen in meiner Sammlung
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A. Closs1915Bemerkungen über einige Sphingiden
L. W. Rothschild, Jordan K.1916Further corrections of and additions to our "Revision of the Sphingidae"
A. Closs1916Fam. Sphingidae


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