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Autumn silkworm, emperor, hawk, tiger, and underwing moths (Lepidoptera: Lemoniidae, Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Arctiini, and Catocalini) of Alai, Tien Shan and south-eastern Turan

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2023
Authors:S. A. Toropov, Milko, D. A., Zhdanko, A. B., Evdoshenko, S. I.
Number of Pages:268
Publisher:Privately published

"The book combines characters of scientific edition and photo album and may be used as an illustrated guide to selected well recognizable groups of moths in mountains and plains of Middle Asia east of the River Syr-Darya (whole Kyrgyzstan, southern part of Kazakhstan, and adjacent regions of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan). Data on type locality, general area of distribution, typical habitats, pre-imaginal stages and life-history are presented in each of 85 essays in Russian and English. The text is illustrated with colour photographs of collection specimens, moths in a natural setting, pre-imaginal stages, foodplants, and typical biotopes. For three subspecies names, there are proposed new combinations. Spreading of subspecies is given in the distribution map for each species."

Taxonomic name: 
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