Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory

Creating a taxonomic e-science

Welcome to Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory

The Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory aims to produce an on-line taxonomic monograph of the hawkmoth family, Sphingidae.

You will find a comprehensive catalogue of the family, with pages for all species and subspecies, together with distribution maps and a comprehensive bibliography. Most of the species and subspecies are illustrated and diagnoses provided for many to enable you to identify them with confidence.

The hawkmoths form a family of over 1700 species of small to very large moths occurring on all continents except Antarctica. They are most often observed, elegant and streamlined, hovering in front of flowers feeding, or as large caterpillars with a conspicuous horn at the rear end. As a result, hawkmoths are a popular group with both amateur and professional naturalists.

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