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A preliminary checklist on hawkmoths of Digboi, Assam (Lepidoptera: Bombycoidea: Sphingidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:S. Arandhara
Journal:Global Journal for Research Analysis
Start Page:348
Date Published:10/2016

"A preliminary study was undertaken to record the hawk moth fauna of Digboi during the months of December-May, 2014-2015. Moth trapping using sheet light traps equipped with 36 w Actinic lamp was used in four different locations of Digboi. 86 hawk-moth (individuals) were observed, although a record of 31 species was made pertaining to 21 genera. Among the different locations studied the highest number of individuals occurred in Digboi College Campus (28), followed by Balijan (16), Golai (18), Muliabari (16) and Digboi Central Town (8). Hawkmoths of three subfamilies Macroglossinae, Sphinginae, and Smerinthinae occurred in the study. The genus Theretra represented by 4 species, followed by genera Eupanacra, Acherontia, Marumba, Acosmeryx, Psilogramma representing 2 species, the rest of the genera represented single species."

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