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A preliminary catalogue of the moths (Lepidoptera except Papilionoidea) of Tobago, West Indies

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:M. J. W. Cock
Journal:Insecta Mundi
Start Page:1
Date Published:11/2017

"This catalogue comprises records of 355 species of moths (non-papilionoid Lepidoptera) from Tobago, of which 15 are partially identified. Of this total, all except 17 (5%) are known from Trinidad, although not all these records from Trinidad are published yet. Of these 17, eleven are expected to occur in Trinidad as they also occur on the mainland of South America and two are only known from Tobago but will probably also occur in Trinidad. This leaves just four species (1% of the total) that are known from the Lesser Antilles and are currently not known from further south than Tobago. The families represented by the most species are Erebidae, Crambidae, Geometridae, Noctuidae and Sphingidae, which between them account for 73% of records. Taxonomic changes are made as follows. Podalia farmbri (Kaye, 1925) sp. rev. (Megalopygidae) is removed from the synonymy of P. nigrescens Schaus, 1905. Podalia walkeri Hopp, 1935 and P. dimidiata (Walker, 1865) are syn. nov. of P. farmbri Kaye, 1925. Renia bipunctata (Kaye, 1901) (Erebidae) is a comb. nov. for Zanclognatha bipunctata. Aristaria trinitalis Schaus, 1906 (Erebidae) is a syn. nov. of Renia bipunctata Kaye, 1901. Aglaonice deldonalis Walker, 1859 sp. rev. (Erebidae) is removed from the synonymy of A. hirtipalpis Walker, [1859]. Plusiodonta cupristria Kaye, 1923 (Erebidae) is a syn. nov. of Oraesia excitans Walker [1858]. Oroscopa abluta (Schaus, 1912) (Erebidae) is a comb. nov. for Freilla abluta Schaus, 1912, which is a new combination in common use, but not previously published. Ptichodis dorsalis (Fabricius, 1797) (Erebidae) is a comb. nov. for Noctua auct. dorsalis Fabricius, a new combination already in use, but not formally published. I endorse the unpublished conclusion of I.W.B. Nye that Ptichodis basilans (Guenée, 1852) is a syn. nov. of Ptichodis dorsalis (Fabricius, 1797). Ptichodis agrapta Hampson, 1913 is also a syn. nov. of Ptichodis dorsalis (Fabricius, 1797)."

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