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An annotated checklist of macro moths in mid- to high-mountain ranges of Taiwan (Lepidoptera: Macroheterocera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:S. Wu, Fu, C. - M., Tzuoo, H. - R., L.-C., S., Chang, W. - C., Lin, H. - H.
Journal:Formosan Entomologist
Start Page:10
Date Published:06/2020

"The aim of the present study was to provide an annotated checklist of Macroheterocera (macro moths) in mid- to high-elevation regions (>2000 m above sea level) of Taiwan. Although such faunistic studies were conducted extensively in the region during the first decade of the early 20th century, there are a few new taxa, taxonomic revisions, misidentifications, and misspellings, which should be documented. We examined 1,276 species in 652 genera, 59 subfamilies, and 15 families. We propose 4 new combinations, namely Arichanna refracta Inoue, 1978 stat. nov.; Psyra matsumurai Bastelberger, 1909 stat. nov.; Olene baibarana (Matsumura, 1927) comb. nov.; and Cerynia usuguronis (Matsumura, 1927) comb. nov.. The noctuid Blepharita alpestris Chang, 1991 is regarded as a junior synonym of Mamestra brassicae (Linnaeus, 1758) (syn. nov.). The geometrids Palaseomystis falcataria (Moore, 1867 [1868]), Venusia megaspilata (Warren, 1895), and Gandaritis whitelyi (Butler, 1878) and the erebid Ericeia elongata Prout, 1929 are newly recorded in the fauna of Taiwan. Female specimens and genitalia of Lobogonodes shiushioui Wu & Chang, 2018 and Lomographa chinhuaiwangi Wu, 2018 are illustrated for the first time. The results of the present study could facilitate further large-scale ecological research in high mountainous areas in Taiwan as well as the common name initiative, which warrants the updating of scientific names."

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