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A preliminary annotated checklist of the Brahmaeidae of the world – Part IIA. Brahmaea hearseyi White, 1862 [“1861”] of the hearseyi-group of the subgenus Brahmophthalma Mell, 1928 (Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:U. Paukstadt, Paukstadt L. H.
Journal:Beiträge zur Kenntnis der wilden Seidenspinner
Start Page:127
Date Published:07/2021

"The following contribution to knowledge the family Brahmaeidae SWINHOE, 1892 (Lepidoptera) is part of the series “Brahmaeidae of the World”, which should give a complete overview of this family after completion. New results of studies and new names were incorporated as far as they were known from the literature up to the time of printing and were accessible to us. On the basis of almost 400 individual publications, an attempt was made to create an up-to-date and almost complete overview of the literature on the family Brahmaeidae. The scope made it necessary to subdivide the information into certain subject areas as expediently as possible, which should facilitate subsequent additions or corrections. Part IIA deals specifically with the Continental Asian B. (Brahmophthalma) hearseyi WHITE, 1862 [“1861”] and its synonym of the hearseyi-group (sensu Paukstadt & Paukstadt 2021) of the subgenus Brahmophthalma MELL, 1928 of the genus Brahmaea WALKER, 1855. Although status changes are made occasionally, this first coherent analysis of the family Brahmaeidae is not intended to be a generic revision, but merely to show the current state of knowledge and provide a good working basis for further studies on the family Brahmaeidae SWINHOE, 1892."

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