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Distribution of butterflies of the family Sphingidae (Insecta, Lepidoptera) in the Fergana Valley

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:M. Shermatov, Botirov, E., Mukhammedov, M., Qayumova, O., Mirazaeva, Z., Sotvoldieva, G.
Journal:International Journal of Virology and Molecular Biology
Start Page:27
Date Published:09/2021

"The article presents the results of the first studies on distribution in the Fergana Valley of the butterflies of Sphingidae family. There are 5 species belonging to 4 genera of the subfamily Macroglossinae, 2 species of 2 genera of the subfamily Smerinthinae, and 1 species belonging to 1 genus of the family Sphinginae. Among mentioned above species 2 for Uzbekistan and 6 for the entomofauna of the Fergana Valley were recorded for the first time. One species (Smerinthus kindermannii) is found in the foothill zone of Southern Ferghana, 3 species (Proserpinus proserpina, Macroglossum stellatarum, Laothoe populi) in areas of the piedmont and lowland plain, 4 species (Hyles euphorbiae, Theretra alecto, Hyles zygophyllir, Agrius convolvuli) belonging to the family of revellers. Caterpillars of species such as Proserpinus proserpina, Macroglossum stellatarum, Hyles euphorbiae, Hyles zygophylli, Agrius convolvuli are found mainly in natural landscapes which feed on herbaceous plants. Caterpillars of such butterfly species as Theretra alecto, Smerinthus kindermannii, Laothoe populi can feed by spreading in cultivated landscapes. All 7 noted species of butterflies are locally distributed in ecosystems of the Fergana valley and are considered to be species in need of protection. Out of them only the population of Agrius convolvuli is relatively stable. The features of distribution, biology and ecology of butterflies of the family Sphingidae in Uzbekistan, particularly in the Fergana Valley are not well studied which dictates the need for comprehensive research."

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