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Findings of Zaranga tukuringra Streltzov et Yakovlev, 2007, Calliteara axutha (Collenette, 1934) and other species of Macrolepidoptera in the northern part of the Bureinsky Range (Russia, Khabarovsk Krai)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2023
Authors:E. S. Koshkin
Journal:Amurian Zoological Journal
Start Page:858
Date Published:12/2023

"The paper provides a list of 64 Macrolepidoptera species collected
in June–July 2023 during an expedition to the out-of-the-way northern part
of the Bureinsky Range and in 2022–2023 in Chegdomyn town. The species
Zaranga tukuringra Streltzov & Yakovlev, 2007 (Notodontidae) was found in
the Khabarovsk Kray for the first time. One male of this species was collected
near the mouth of the Seregekta River in the upper reaches of the Bureya
River. Previously, the species was not known outside the western part of
the Amur Oblast (Zeya Nature Reserve and Urusha town). Calliteara axutha
(Collenette, 1934) (Lymantriidae) was found in coniferous forests of the middle
mountains of the Bureinsky Range. Previously, this species was recorded for
the territory of Russia by a single male from Tyrma (the southern part of
the Bureinsky Range). Seven species, Gastropacha orientalis Sheljuzhko, 1943
(Lasiocampidae), Peridea oberthueri (Staudinger, 1892), Gonoclostera
timoniorum (Bremer, 1861) (Notodontidae), Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus,
1758), Telochurus recens (Hübner, 1819) (Lymantriidae), Collita griseola
(Hübner, [1803]), and Rhyparia purpurata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) were
first recorded for the upper Bureya river basin. It was established that the area
near the mouth of the Seregekta River is the northern limit of the distribution
in the Bureya river basin for Gastropacha orientalis (Lasiocampidae), Actias
artemis (Bremer et Gray, 1852) (Saturniidae), Mimas christophi (Staudinger,
1887), Notodonta stigmatica Matsumura, 1920, Peridea oberthueri, Gonoclostera
timoniorum (Notodontidae), Calliteara axutha (Lymantriidae), and Pericallia
matronula (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae). New finds of Cilix filipjevi Kardakoff,
1928 (Drepanidae) and Stauropus fagi (Linnaeus, 1758) (Notodontidae)
indicate the ongoing naturalization of these subboreal species in the upper
reaches of the Bureya River."

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