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Species composition, endemism and local status of hawkmoths (Heterocera: Sphingidae) in the two proposed expansion sites of Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary, Davao Oriental, Philippines

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:A. B. Mohagan, Tubongbanua, R. M., Amper, D. O., Hongco, A. L., Coritico, F. P., Jr, F. S. Gorme, Amoroso, V. B., Colong, R. D., Ponce, R. G.
Journal:Biological Forum - An International Journal
Start Page:236

"Sphingidae, also known as Hawkmoths or Sphinx Moths, are ecological indicators that are naturally affected by environmental stresses. They have a widespread distribution from Southeast Asia and play significant roles in the environment as indicators of the quality of habitat and biomass degradation. Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary(MHRWS), as the only world heritage site in the Philippines, has been subjected to numerous conservation studies of flora and fauna for several years. There were significant studies on Lepidopteransin MHRWS, but there were no reports on moth species, specifically on the family Sphingidae. Thus, this study was carried outin Sitio Tagtigcup, Barangay La Union, San Isidro and Ecopark of Mansinagan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental to provide data on the composition, endemism and status of Hawkmoths. Light trap sampling were established using 3 × 4m white silk cloth and 250 Vlight bulbs in the two proposed expansion sites. A total of 6 genera with 8 species were recorded. Of the collected species, Acosmeryx socrates, Ambulyx staudengeri and The retramanilae were endemic to the Philippines. There were 4 uncommon or local species, three 3 common species and only one rare species recorded. This concludes that MHRWS proposed expansion sites are home of 8 hawkmoths which comprised 37.5% endemicity in the Philippine hawkmothss. Thus, this study calls for conservation and protection."

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