Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory

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A revision of the lepidopterous family Sphingidae

Taxonomic name: 
Acosmeryx (Taxonomy), Adhemarius (Taxonomy), Aellopos (Taxonomy), Agnosia (Taxonomy), Ambulyx (Taxonomy), Ambulyx (Taxonomy), Ambulyx (Taxonomy), Ambulyx (Taxonomy), Ambulyx (Taxonomy), Amphimoea (Taxonomy), Clanidopsis (Taxonomy), Clanis (Taxonomy), Clarina (Taxonomy), Cypoides (Taxonomy), Ellenbeckia (Taxonomy), Enpinanga (Taxonomy), Euryglottis (Taxonomy), Falcatula (Taxonomy), Leucomonia (Taxonomy), Macroglossum (Taxonomy), Manduca (Taxonomy), Manduca (Taxonomy), Neogurelca (Taxonomy), Nephele (Taxonomy), Nyceryx (Taxonomy), Pachylia (Taxonomy), Pachylia (Taxonomy), Pantophaea (Taxonomy), Perigonia (Taxonomy), Perigonia (Taxonomy), Phanoxyla (Taxonomy), Phryxus (Taxonomy), Phylloxiphia (Taxonomy), Poliana (Taxonomy), Polyptychus (Taxonomy), Praedora (Taxonomy), Protambulyx (Taxonomy), Pseudoclanis (Taxonomy), Psilogramma (Taxonomy), Rethera (Taxonomy), Rhodoprasina (Taxonomy), Sphingidae (Taxonomy), Sphinx (Taxonomy), Stolidoptera (Taxonomy), Temnora (Taxonomy), Temnoripais (Taxonomy), Tetrachroa (Taxonomy), Thamnoecha (Taxonomy), Trogolegnum (Taxonomy), Unzela (Taxonomy), Xanthopan (Taxonomy), Rhodafra marshalli (Taxonomy), Rhodafra (Taxonomy), Temnora marginata (Taxonomy), Temnora subapicalis (Taxonomy), Temnora fuscata (Taxonomy), Temnora plagiata (Taxonomy), Laothoe amurensis (Taxonomy), Laothoe (Taxonomy), Theretra perkeo (Taxonomy), Theretra (Taxonomy), Theretra orpheus (Taxonomy), Rhagastis castanea (Taxonomy), Rhagastis (Taxonomy), Nephele comma (Taxonomy), Nephele maculosa (Taxonomy), Nephele oenopion (Taxonomy), Marumba timora (Taxonomy), Marumba (Taxonomy), Macroglossum papuanum (Taxonomy), Praedora marshalli (Taxonomy), Protambulyx sulphurea (Taxonomy), Protambulyx carteri (Taxonomy), Protambulyx euryalus (Taxonomy), Nyceryx saturata (Taxonomy), Praedora plagiata (Taxonomy), Hyles euphorbiae (Taxonomy), Hyles (Taxonomy), Isoparce cupressi (Taxonomy), Isoparce (Taxonomy), Nannoparce (Taxonomy), Lintneria geminus (Taxonomy), Lintneria (Taxonomy), Xylophanes amadis (Taxonomy), Xylophanes (Taxonomy), Xylophanes juanita (Taxonomy), Xylophanes media (Taxonomy), Xylophanes porcus (Taxonomy), Xylophanes resta (Taxonomy), Xylophanes rhodina (Taxonomy), Xylophanes rhodochlora (Taxonomy), Xylophanes undata (Taxonomy), Polyptychus luteatus (Taxonomy), Polyptychus philippinensis (Taxonomy), Protambulyx ockendeni (Taxonomy), Batocnema coquerelii (Taxonomy), Batocnema (Taxonomy), Hoplistopus penricei (Taxonomy), Hoplistopus (Taxonomy), Langia zenzeroides (Taxonomy), Langia (Taxonomy), Leptoclanis pulchra (Taxonomy), Leptoclanis (Taxonomy), Likoma apicalis (Taxonomy), Likoma (Taxonomy), Lomocyma oegrapha (Taxonomy), Lomocyma (Taxonomy), Neogene (Taxonomy), Hippotion aurora (Taxonomy), Hippotion (Taxonomy), Hippotion isis (Taxonomy), Hippotion rebeli (Taxonomy), Hippotion stigma (Taxonomy), Angonyx meeki (Taxonomy), Angonyx (Taxonomy), Angonyx papuana (Taxonomy), Antinephele lunulata (Taxonomy), Antinephele (Taxonomy), Chaerocina dohertyi (Taxonomy), Chaerocina (Taxonomy), Callionima inuus (Taxonomy), Callionima (Taxonomy), Ambulyx bima (Taxonomy), Ambulyx meeki (Taxonomy), Aleuron cymographum (Taxonomy), Aleuron (Taxonomy), Aleuron neglectum (Taxonomy), Cechenena (Taxonomy), Coelonia (Taxonomy), Ceratomia (Taxonomy), Cephonodes (Taxonomy), Cypa decolor (Taxonomy), Cypa (Taxonomy), Protaleuron rhodogaster (Taxonomy), Protaleuron (Taxonomy)
STI taxonomic comments: 
"The title-page of the work by Rothschild & Jordan is dated March 1903. If the title-page is date were correct the date of publication would be 1903 March [31], for Article 21(b)(i) of the Code states that the date of publication is to be interpreted as 'the last day of the stated month, when month and year, but not the day, are specified'. However, subsequent evidence suggests that the title-page date is incorrect, for Tutt, 1903 May 15, Entomologist's Rec. J. Var. 15 (5): 138, stated that the work by Rothschild & Jordan 'was published on April 21st [1903]'" (Fletcher & Nye, 1982: 40) (STI 17917).
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